Guitar: Meckbach

Gitarren Meckbach – the small fine specialty store for acoustic guitars in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Since 2015, everything here revolves around our favorite instrument! Here we build timeless acoustic guitars ourselves, we also sell bought-in guitars and repair all kinds of plucked instruments. We, that are the guitar builders Martin Meckbach and Benjamin Smith – Welcome!

Guitar workshop


As skilled plucked instrument makers, we build our own guitar models here by hand. We also repair, restore and maintain all kinds of plucked instruments for you in our specialized workshop.

Local specialty store


At Gitarren Meckbach you can expect a selected assortment of high quality acoustic guitars and classical guitars of well-known manufacturers from the serious student guitar to the downright professional instrument and corresponding accessories.

Contact & Events


Visit us in our premises in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin! When our daily routine permits, we occasionally invite people here for entertaining guitar events. What can we serve you with today?

Martin Meckbach

Guitar maker

As a skilled guitar maker with over 20 years of professional experience, I will be happy to help you find your dream guitar. In my store in Prenzlauer Berg, I sell high-quality acoustic guitars and concert guitars from well-known manufacturers. I carry out repairs, restorations, maintenance and conversions for you in the affiliated specialist workshop according to the highest quality standards.

Benjamin Smith

Guitar maker

Since 2010, Ben Smith has built several high-quality acoustic guitars and performed extensive repairs on guitars and other stringed instruments. For him, it’s about sharing the beauty of music with others in our lives, and a beautifully functioning guitar is an indispensable tool for making that happen. In the service workshop at Gitarren Meckbach he takes care of maintenance and repair of customer instruments. Even if you want to buy something from us, he can give you the best advice with his wealth of experience in guitars.