Guitar workshop

In the specialized workshop of Gitarren Meckbach you can have all kinds of guitars and similar plucked instruments repaired, restored and serviced. We are very familiar with the instrument family of the same name. And: Here we build our own guitars.
Due to the high utilization of our workshop, we are currently accepting new repair orders for execution in 2023 (as of August 2022). Please feel free to contact us now for an initial assessment and to book an appointment.


Meckbach guitar building

My goal in guitar building is to combine tasteful aesthetics, inspiring sound and best playability in timeless guitars. Current models include the small Meckbach Parlor, the larger Steelstring M-1, and the classical concert guitar.

Our fast service

If the situation allows, we will try to do minor work on your guitar immediately. This includes things like adjusting the action, truss rod and intonation, replacing strings, changing batteries, refinishing the top nut and changing neck angles (screwed). If you buy new machine heads or pickups from us, you will get them installed promptly. We also install strap pins, fix broken pickup systems when possible, and install pickguards. In the case of accident damage, we issue expert reports for insurance companies. We do soldering work, renew parts of the electronics and check the fret spacing if a guitar is not fret clean. For all this you can simply come to us during our opening hours.


Appointment service

Especially through heavy use, some parts on guitars wear out, or need to be reworked for other reasons. For renewing fingerboards, changing the neck profile, making a new bridge inlay, neck reset, dressing or renewing frets, or making a new bone top saddle, we will be happy to make an appointment with you, at which time you can bring your instrument by again. Please understand that we need a certain lead time for this (as of Aug. 2022: dates for 2023). However, you are welcome to drop by unannounced for an initial assessment of the scope.

Appointment repairs

If your guitar has suffered an accident or has had a serious problem for some time, we will be happy to take care of it by appointment. We repair accidental damage, glue, varnish, repair broken heads and cracks, reattach bridges that have come off, do shellac polishing and intonation corrections, i.e. make corrections to the position of the nut and bridge, including if necessary Top saddle compensation. For an initial assessment of the scope, you are welcome to drop by unannounced. Please understand that we then usually need a certain lead time (as of Aug. 2022: dates for 2023). On the agreed date you can then bring your instrument for processing.