At Gitarren Meckbach you will find a selected assortment of high quality acoustic guitars and classical guitars from renowned manufacturers. The offer ranges from the serious student guitar to the outright professional instrument. Play your dream guitar in our store at your leisure to find your personal dream instrument. If necessary, we will be happy to advise you on this.

Meckbach guitars

Martin Meckbach’s guitar making goes back to the mid-90s. A lot has happened since then: Apprenticeship completed, master classes attended, model series developed, quality assurance teams trained, repaired, restored, more individual models designed and built; always with the goal of combining tasteful aesthetics, inspiring sound and the best playability in timeless guitars when building guitars.

Nylon String Guitars

Many call them “regular acoustic guitars” – we call them classical guitars, meaning classical guitars that are traditionally strung with nylon strings. However, so-called carbon strings and other materials are also used. Under our category nylon string guitars you can also find flamenco guitars and children guitars. Here is a selection of our current range:

Steel string guitars

Here you will find acoustic guitars, flattops, sometimes simply called “acoustic guitars”. Gypsy jazz guitars with their light steel strings can also be found under this listing, if in stock. We prefer to work with luthiers for our sales assortment (Huss&Dalton, Lakewood, Paasonen, Stoll, Wateau and some more). Here is a selection of our current range:

Children guitars

With small scales, small bodies and narrow necks, children can discover the joy of playing the guitar! By the way: We also rent out the instruments under a hire-purchase agreement. Feel free to contact us!

Other instruments

Ukuleles, mandolins, archtop guitars and others. Here we list instruments from our sales range, which we would like to present to you separately. As always, each instrument is carefully selected, thoroughly tested and professionally adjusted.